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What rocked about 2023?

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As 2023 draws to a close, I was reminded of a favourite reflection activity I used when working for an outdoor camp in Hong Kong with my husband before we had kids. During the last campfire of the trip we would ask the kids three questions:

What ROCKED (what was awesome)?

What would you LEAF (leave) behind (what was hard)?

What will STICK with you (what will you always remember)? 

In the spirit of the New Year, here is my ROCK, STICK and LEAF for 2023.. 


What will STICK with me about 2023?

I am really bold.
When I was eighteen, I was a scrappy and competitive all-league soccer player. My parents often remind me when I was red-carded because I stood up for my goalie who was wrongfully taken out by an opponent. I never let anyone get in the way back then. This year, I reconnected with MY power and I didn't let anything get in my way. I still have it in me. I can challenge myself and drive results in unbelievable ways. 

I never gave up.
This year, I wanted to throw in the towel when things got hard; like designing my new high-ticket group program Ignite. But 
I never gave up. I saw it through until the end. It's a good thing I did because the program sold out in 2 weeks and I doubled my client load, hitting a record sales month (88K) for new and recurring sales. It was unbelievable and it happened because I didn't give up and saw every moment through. 

My intuition came out to play 
Let's just say... I had a spiritual awakening. I won't share everything I learned about myself here, it's too deep and complex to write in black and white. Simply, I look forward to sharing more in the future.


What would I LEAF (leave) behind about 2023?

Overworking myself. I spent too much time on my phone and not enough time present in the moments. I dedicated my energy to my clients and not as much to my family. 

Ironically, my phone got wet (and stop working) 5 days before the end of 2023, if that isn't a isn't a sign.. I don't know what else is. 

This is the biggest lesson 2023 taught me (and rightfully so). Be present. 

So, my phone is currently shacked up in a big bag of white rice, as I write this. I am watching the crackling fire die out as the remnants of a 6pm toddler new years eve party are scattered around me. Life has such beauty when you allow yourself to enjoy it. 

What ROCKED this year? My 5 highlights from 2023...

1. I was hired by 6 organizations to develop and execute Leadership Development training, workshops and Coaching at: Alterra, Tourism Whistler, California Life Sciences, Whistler Cooks, Whistler Connection and WORTH Association.

2. I sold out my first high ticket group program, IGNITE and over half of those clients have seen unbelievable financial results in their coaching business, clarified their priorities and started taking bold action, it's been a dream.

3. I welcomed 7 epic one-to-one clients into my business, in various industries from cinematography to graphic design. They are all business women wanting to increase their confidence, make more money and create a wholesome balanced life. Most of them are well on their way to earning 6-figures this year and hit goals they never imagined.I am elated to see the results and impact they are creating

4. I worked with two non-profit organizations, donating my time and expertise to those who need it the most, a local women's shelter and association. I look forward to making this a regular part of my business as it grows. 

5. I was a mom first. I was there for my kids. First ski run, first swim lesson, all the moments, I was there. My kids are everything to me and I created a life and business to support them. That fills me with pride. 


What would be YOUR rock, stick and leaf of 2023? 

Taking time to reflect is a helpful practice. As I watch the last embers glow on the crackling fire, I am filled with endless gratitude. This year was a big year, full of lessons, challenges and excitement. Thank you for being on this wild and beautiful journey with me. If you are ready to make waves in your business or organization heading into 2024, send me a personal message. I would be happy to support you. 


Heading into 2024, I have some exciting news. I will be sending out another newsletter in the coming weeks.. so stay tuned. For now, check out my updated website. 

ILYxo Courtney