The Leadership Integration

The Leadership Integration Program is for leaders who are ready to scale learning and development in a sustainable way that fuels the organization. By coaching executives for breakthroughs + learning for accelerated growth and empowerment to lead powerfully.



Why This Program?


There is a gap in most leadership development approaches. 

Leaders learn a tool or attend a workshop, then the learning is lost within a few months. WHY? leaders get too busy to find the time to integrate the learning back into the workplace. This Leadership Signature integration ensures the company's investment into its people is not only leveraged to maximum potential, but creates dynamic results for the team. This program provides 1:1 coaching support and monthly group training sessions for key-leaders to ensure the learning is not only implemented but integrated into the organization to improve team communication, team performance and better results for the company. It doesn’t stop there, after the workshop the leader is set up for success with a toolkit and strategy to facilitate the learning from the workshop with their direct reports. 


You learn best when you teach. 


What You Get


  • 1 x Monthly 1:1 Coaching Call (1-hr) for close proximity support + to create opportunities for personal breakthroughs that lead to lasting transformation in your leadership.

  • 1 x monthly Group Training workshop (90-min) for strategic learning with tailored and aligned lesson plans plus collaboration + connection with other leaders.

  • Access to Strategic Toolbox filled with my signature tools + programs to empower you to facilitate the learning with your direct reports. + Continuous support via the Voxer App from Courtney to support your growth and execution. What’s Voxer support? It’s the type of added value that sets you up to have exclusive attention throughout the leadership signature integration.

  • (6) Six or (12) Twelve Months of Strategic Guidance, a community+ High-Level Mentorship to scale your empowered leadership journey. 

 What are the group training workshops?



The monthly Group training workshop (90-min) are strategic learning opportunities with tailored lesson plans and collaboration with other leaders. After the group workshop workshop each leader is provided a strategic toolkit to replicate the learning and session within their team to sustain the learning and empower to facilitate. 

12 Workshops, leaders will learn how to:
  1. Designing a team alliance with agreements versus expectations. 
  2. Facilitate with Confidence and identify your authentic Coaching Style
  3. Perception & Bias and its role in the workplace
  4. Celebrate and leverage your leader within
  5. Mental fitness. Examine saboteur narratives and enable your SAGE brain for positive intelligence 
  6. The Ownership Mindset: The power of perspective shifts and sage brain powers and PQ reps.
  7. Leading through Change to determine how to build your capacity for change and support your team
  8. Heart-Led Authority to leading from the heart
  9. Team Communication using the the communication matrix
  10. Creating a strong Bench Succession planning with mentorship 
  11. Team Growth + Adaptability with the Four Agreements. 
  12. The Power of Celebration 


Owner of Calling Mountain Productions 

"Working with Courtney, I saw things differently, my personal and professional goals shifted and I truly realized a shift was needed. She made me realize I needed to celebrate myself and pinpoint why I was so afraid of making a shift. She essentially helped me find courage in making my next move in my business. I would recommend Courtney’s service to anyone looking for a shift, a new beginning, and ultimately to get to place of self love.” 


Entrepreneur and Creative Director, Siiri and Stone

"Working with Courtney has been the best investment I have ever made! Not only did she guide me to get clear on many aspects of my life, she helped me discover so many things about myself I didn't even know existed. Whether it is overcoming fear or celebrating every little win, she is, so lovingly, always in your corner. I am looking forward to working with her again in the future!”

Ed Frauenheim

Speaker, co-author of Reinventing Masculinity, co-founder of The Teal Team

"I've been lucky to have Courtney coach me in recent months. She's had a direct, positive impact on me and my business. I think it has to do with her remarkable, rare combination of deep care, close listening and smart strategies. Courtney has helped me remember my passions and gifts, trust in them, and then figure out how to express them--in sustainable, revenue-generating ways!"

Programs and Workshops Include: 

Needs Assessment


This will help us define where you are at, where you want to go and how (and how fast) you want to get there. 

Program Design


We will design a program that works for YOUR team whether that be a dispersed remote team, multi-location, mixed levels of experience or other unique factors. 

Program Delivery


We will facilitate the program and/or bring in subject matter experts as guest speakers when needed. 

Program Evaluation


Following the leadership development program, we will evaluate and assess the impact the program had on your organization through both online surveys and one-on-one interviews.  


Is your team in need of Leadership Development Training?


It's hard to know where to start. You may have a team who is underperforming, lacking communication skills or has unclear and unmet expectations. The questions is always: how can I make going to work more enjoyable for my team? 

Wanting to create a space for your team that's safe, honest and full of cantor in service of the business is the dream, right? We want engagement to soar, so people  love coming to work and care to do a good job. We all know there is a clear difference between teams who care for each other and the business and those who don't. 

So let's get started making this happen for your team!


Virtual or In person workshops


More than ever, our teams need to come together to connect, learn and grow.  We offer many workshops that can be customized to the specific needs of your team and organization. This work is needed now, without delay.  We’ve adapted workshops to a virtual model that is different than in person to ensure learning happens. All virtual workshops are highly interactive and create opportunities for collaboration and connection.


Who I've Worked With

Liz Hicks

Talent Manager at Mt. Bachelor

"Courtney is one of the most talented L&D professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. Her facilitation skills are top-notch, with an ability to pivot, dive deeper, and adjust to various learning styles as needed. She delivers information in a way that not only facilitates high-level learning, but also encourages fun, play, and connection.” 

Natalie Lehman

Business and Leadership Coach. MS, Organizational Leadership and Learning

"Courtney is an amazing coach! She's passionate, empathetic, and incredibly knowledgeable. Her guidance is both practical and profound, and she's helped me develop valuable tools and strategies that have completely changed my life. She helped me identify the mindsets that were holding me back, create a vision for my life and business, and inspired me every step of the way. Her unwavering belief in my potential helped me break through barriers and achieve remarkable growth and success. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Emily Goff

Founder and GM Arizona Zipline Adventures

"Courtney is doing exactly what she was meant to do! She is an excellent coach. She pushed me to think about my business in ways that I had not done before and helped make me a better leader, business owner and person. I highly recommend working with her!” 

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